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URL format:



Is being used when signature protection is enabled. It is possible to get KEY_VALUE by using URL sign


Sets the beginning of the link lifetime in timestamp format. Until this time, the link will not be valid. It is not necessary to indicate the beginning of the lifetime, it is enough to indicate the end of the lifetime.


Sets the end of the link lifetime in timestamp format. After this time the link will be invalid.


Sets the IP to which the URL is bound. You can specify a list of IPs or their prefixes through ';'. The network /mask can no longer be specified. It is possible to specify not the entire IP, but only its part (prefix) - for example, ip = 1.2; 1.3 will skip requests from and, but not skip from You can specify ipv6 IP or prefixes:, ip = 1.2; 2a02: b48 skip requests from or 2a02: b48 :: 1, but not skip from 2a02: b480 :: 1.

More details feature_protection .


Sets the number of different IPs which can request a link with a given signature. The value is set in the range from 1 to 5. The actual number of downloads may be bigger due to the difficulty of synchronizing this counter between servers.


Sets the speed of downloading the file. Speed ​reference options:

  • without speed limit
  • integer value
   /speed=123456/ - 123456 Bytes/sec
   /speed=123K/ - 123 KBytes/s
   /speed=2M/ - 2 MBytes/s
  • fractional numberо (real):
   1.0 - download speed will be equal to the file bitrate
   1.15 - 
Download speed will be 15% higher than the file bitrate

If the speed in the link is not specified, then the value is taken from the domain settings. If no speed is specified for the domain, then the value from the account settings is taken.


Specifies the number of bytes to be downloaded without a speed limit. Buffer indication options:

   * /buffer=123456/  123456 bytes without speed limit will be downloaded
   * /buffer=5.0/  5 seconds will be downloaded * current download speed (determined by the value of Speed)


Adds two HTTP headers to download a file with the original name:

Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Disposition: attachment



Adds two HTTP headers to download a file with any specified name.

Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=FILENAME.EXT



Adds two HTTP-headers

Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=FILENAME.EXT

and replace bytes by offset(offset param) with string(replace param). Replace string can be specified as is (in text form) or in HEX form by prepending '0x'. Few offsets and replace strings could be specified separated by ';'. New file name to save(file2save) could be specified. It will be used in 'Content-Disposition' header.


wget -q -O - ',abc;12,0x6465/output.mp4' | hexdump -C | head -n1

00000000  00 61 62 63 66 74 79 70  6d 70 34 32 64 65 00 00  |.abcftypmp42de..|

If filename to save(file2save) is not specified - original file name will be used in 'Content-Disposition' header.


Overrides the referrer verification settings. Empty value / referer = / disables referrer checking The special value / referer = force / disables the omission of empty and incorrectly formed (for example, overwritten by anonymizers) referrers - by default such requests are skipped (which can be used by attackers by disabling the referrer's transmission on the site via <meta name = “referrer” content = “no- referrer ”/>)

In other cases, the value is interpreted as a CSV (comma-separated values) list of allowed domains. Add the values ​​of none and blocked to it in order to skip empty and overwritten referrers, respectively. The dot at the beginning of the domain name indicates that the domain and its subdomains (and subdomains, subdomains, etc.) should be skipped.

Example: /referer=none,blocked,, - skip empty, erased referrers, as well as requests from and its subdomains, and from, but without its subdomains.

Sets a cookie name to check. In the simple case, if its value coincides with the key value, then the request is valid. To use this parameter, you can check here.

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